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Sunday, 29 April 2012

Splatter and Dodge next in line from Sodor 'OO' Works!

These two characters are long overdue in the OO world of Model Railways, i am quite surprised that they were never taken into consideration for production by Hornby. However, those who have bought the Hornby models of Arry & Bert, will notice that the faces they carry, are infact, Splatter and Dodges!

Dodge & Splatter - Next in line from the Sodor 'OO' Works

So, it has been decided that once Paxton has been completed, these two Diesels will officially be next in line from the Sodor OO Works, the models i am gonna use to make them have been chosen, so all that remains now is to wait for the next updates!

Like with all our other models so far, these two will certainly not lack an details like most models we have come across, and we can guarantee, they will be really useful additions, no matter how silly their personalities are. :)

Several updates made to the blog!

As we draw near to the end of this month, we have made several changes to the blogs pages and appearance. Finally updating  blank spots on the blog by giving them new banners, tables and links to content we think deserve to be looked at.

The main blog background has had an overhaul, along with the Members Media, Facebook and YouTube, Blog Updates, Blog News and Friends of Links Pages.

You can expect more new updates very soon, as we continue to bring the blog up to scratch, and welcome new friends into the World of Thomas The Tank Engine Modelling, you're No.1 stop for Thomas Modellers of all ages. :)

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Oh Sir Topham Hatt - The Model Series Project

This has been playing on my mind for quite a while now, ever since i first watched the 'Oh Dr Beeching' series, i had thought what this would be like in the style of Thomas the Tank Engine.

The idea of this series would focus on what could be the biggest threat to Sir Topham Hatt's railway career, after the news of Dr Beeching's proposed 'Axe of the Railways' comes to light. After hearing about so many railways on the mainland getting struck off.
The series would focus also on the moods, emotions and movements of the Sodor engines, and also try to add a bit of humor here and there.

I am welcoming voice-overs for the characters, and would also love to have help with writing the stories, which will include accidents like those based on the real life events of Thomas the Tank Engine in both Television and Railway Series forms.

The series, like the TV series 'Oh Dr Beeching' will be set in 1963.

On the character side of things, questions have recently been asked as to whether engines the likes of 'Emily' will feature, at this present time, i cannot state if she will be given a role in this new series, but, i am certain that once we have made up the cast and written the pilot episode, we will then be able to make a further announcement about the introduction of female characters.

Filming for this new series will be done over three different layouts, mine, Sacred's and Skarloeyfan's.

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

OO Paxton Project - Face on it's way!

I recently bought a Trackmaster Paxton model from Ebay which is now on it's way from Hong Kong as a donor for the face to finish my Paxton conversion, using a Bachmann 08 Diesel.

This photo is hopefully how my Paxton will look, once the face has been added.

Once Pax is finished, i will next be looking at making models of Arry, Bert, Splatter and Dodge to complete the shunter family, however, there is also a possibility that Sidney will be made, but i am abit reluctant to do so at this time, because we do not know anything about him, since he has not yet had a proper appearance in the Thomas & Friends series, only a minor brief shot in Day of the Diesels!

Sunday, 22 April 2012

The World of Thomas Modelling - What would you like to see next?

The World of Thomas Modelling Blog has been going through a lot of changes, so far, it's had over 3,000 hits since it went online, and we are still updating it to make it look better and get more interest.

We are welcome to add new material, whether it's completed model projects, model media videos or anything in general to do with Thomas the Tank Engine.
We would like you to help us improve the blog, so if you would like to give us a hand, please feel free to contact me, or, post you're thoughts in this section and we shall reply as soon as possible. :)

So, what else would you like to see displayed/added to the blog in the near future?

Paxton Project - 90% Finished

The Sodor OO Works model of Paxton is nearly complete, all the model really requires now is a face from the trackmaster model to make him 100% finished.
The project was delayed due to the wooden face not being to true scale, but finally, after months of waiting, the trackmaster version with the correct dimensions face, has been released in the USA and soon to be out in the UK.
Completed photos as usual, will be posted in the gallery!

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Further changes to be made to the blog!

We are currently making further changes to the blogs look and appearance.

A new background is underway, along with more new banners and hopefully some new updates on the latest works from our members work bench projects.

We thank everyone who has visited the blog so far and taken an interest in what we do, and hope that you will continue to support us through feedback via YouTube, Facebook e.t.c. :)

Monday, 16 April 2012

Belle Photos now live!

Visitors can now see photos of my completed Belle model in the gallery.

All photos are © copyright The World of Thomas Modelling 2009-2012.

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Belle Project - Completed!

I am happy to say that the Belle project has been a great success!

The model was finished yesterday evening and photos have now been posted to the Facebook group, i will add them to the blog gallery and the World of Thomas Modelling forum later today.

She has been a very enjoyable project, and alongside Skarloeyfan's model, they are the only models of Belle to be made at present. :)

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Arry and Bert Diesel Models by Sacred - Now in Gallery!

My partner, Sacred, has finished his lovely models of Arry and Bert the scrap diesels, these can now ben seen in the Completed Projects page on this blog.

The models were made using Bachmann Class 08 shunters, painted yellow and olive green, and given trackmaster faces, they really do look the part, so be sure to check them out!

Monday, 9 April 2012

Belle Update - Current Progress!

New photos of Belle's current progress are here, so far, she is looking as good as her CGI model, and will hopefully look even better once the last few details have been added, she only requires lining and numbers now in order to complete her, but, these will be done in my own time and at my own pace.

More photos will be posted, when the model is completed.

Thanks for checking in! :)

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Belle Update - Wheels and Body!

The details to Belle's wheels are done and the body just now needing lining and numbering.

The rest of the details will be sorted over the Easter Bank Holiday, so be sure to look for more new photo progress soon, when the last work in progress images will be put on display before the finalized images are uploaded to the gallery. :)

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Belle Update - Wheels Painted!

One side of Belle's chassis has been painted, the leading pony, drive wheels and trailing bogie wheels have been painted with a Humbrol Satin Red, completed with blue rims, the blue was painted the night before on the wheels, so anywhere there is now red spots, will be touched in once the wheels have dried.

So far, progress is good and the stages of lining and numbering will soon be here, but before that happens, she just needs some vacuum pipes and gold stripes on her boiler bands, the longer the detail takes, the better she will look once finished. :)

Next update will be posted before the Bank Holiday weekend!

Monday, 2 April 2012

Belle Update -First coat applied!

Belle has been updated with the first coat of CITADEL Foundations 'Ultramarine' applied, a second coat will be applied later this evening. She has also had her water cannons added to her tanks and steps from a bachmann Thomas body added under her cab.

Progress photos:

Currently, she still needs headlights, numbers and lining in order to make her complete, but these things will take time to do, not gonna rush them either, don't wanna end up with a 'half-assed model' being only 50% finished!

In time, further photos will be released before the completed ones are displayed in the completed projects page via the blog and also on the forums. :)