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Sunday, 20 January 2013

King of the Railway - Trailer Revealed!

The newest Thomas & Friends production, King of the Railway, is said to be coming in the fall of September 2013.

Three characters have been revealed already, Two new engines, Millie and Stephen and a friend of The Fat Controller, Sir Robert Noramby "The Earl of Sodor".

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Whiff the Rubbish Engine - Complete!

First project also of 2013, Whiff the Rubbish Collection Engine, is now complete, only require a slight tidy up here and there, but otherwise, he is complete. :)

Motor for Whiff comes from a Hornby 'Toy Story' locomotive with a GWR 14xx bogie wheel. Body was made by Skarloeyfan as a private commission.

Barry the Rescue Engine Pt. 4 - Added to media page

The final episode from the Barry the Rescue Engine story by Christian Brown (ThomasFan247), has kindly been added to our blog media page.

It's a wonderful series, with lots of good dialogue, voices and action.

Be sure to visit and subscribe to his channel, fr there is more to come with the next book currently in the planning stages.

RSFS Episode 7, now live!

The seventh episode is now posted to YouTube and also now up here on the blog. Click the image link above to go to the Railway Stories from Sodor page.

Friday, 18 January 2013

Railway Stories from Sodor - Trainz Series in planning!

The popular series made for YouTube is soon to be released in the form of Trainz alongside continued work in OO scale, the series will still be in the same format (Classic Series 1 to 4) and will also see the feature of characters who never were seen on the Television Series.

Characters to feature will include the Skarloey Railway, Mid-Sodor, Arlesdale and Culdee Fell fleets. with guest characters Wilbert the Forest Engine, Stepney the Bluebell Engine and more.

There is no set date as of yet for the planned release of the first Trainz episode, but, we will post dates up once the details of the first few episodes have been finalized.

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

One Year of Thomas Modelling!

The World of Thomas Modelling Community has been online for a year, during the last year, the forum and facebook page has received much feedback from modellers, support and kindness from it's members and friends of the community.

As we venture through 2013, we hope to continue modelling for the enjoyment of the hobby, and bring you more wonderful works in the form of model railway series, workbench projects, trainz content and more.

from the bottom of our heart, we thank you all for coming back to see what's new.

Blog Anniversary, February 11th 2013.

TUGS TV Models no longer for sale!

We've had feedback from Auction Bay regarding the sale of the TUGS models, and have been informed that they have been sold off as a whole collection, not individual.

In a reply from Mr Cowan regarding one of the TUGS characters, he replied to us with the following message.

"Our client has just accepted an offer for the entire collection of Tugs models and consequently they are no longer available for sale.

Thank you for your interest.

Fergie Cowan"

We thank Mr Cowan for replying to our inquiries about the TUGS characters, and are glad to see that they are now safely together as a whole collection.

Some may be disappointed with the outcome, but, as a whole collection, in time the models will be worth much more, and with some restoration and tlc, look even better than they do at present.

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Forum Revamp 2.0

Greetings to all this new year.

As you may have read via our Facebook community page, we are currently re-working the World of Thomas Modelling Forum with a new look, banner, skin and board layout, removing all old boards and replacing them with better up-to-date ones.

We will be keeping you informed of the latest changes to the community, and hope to have the board open again before the end of this month, we thank you for being patient with us, and hope to see you back on the new and improved World of Thomas The Tank Engine Modelling forum very soon!

kind regards

The World of Thomas Modelling Community Staff

Dan, Charlie, Stephen