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Sunday, 19 August 2012

Elsbridge Branch Project!

It's slowly coming together and will soon be ready for Episode 6 of Railway Stories from Sodor!

More to come soon as the progress continues!

Splatter & Dodge - Test Video now live!

It has been weeks since the completion of Splatter & Dodge in OO, and finally, a test video has been made and is now live via our YouTube page.

Thanks to everyone for the subscriptions, we hope you will continue to support us and enjoy much more of our future works! :)

Sunday, 12 August 2012

The Sodor OO Works - Projects and Future Works Updated!

The pages from the Sodor OO Works have been updated, with new info on our current 'Arry and Bert' OO scale projects and new banners.

Slowly the pages are coming together, and more updates will be taking place over the next few weeks towards September!

Railway Stories from Sodor - Page Updated!

The blog page for Railway Stories from Sodor, has been updated, with all the present episodes currently up to scratch, recent additions are Episodes 4 and  the new Episode 5, which was published online an hour ago.

We are still working to get the rest of the pages up to date, please check back soon for more! :)

Saturday, 11 August 2012

Railway Stories from Sodor - Episode 5 now live!

The fifth installment  of the Railway Stories from Sodor series, is now on YouTube.

Percy's Passengers

Based on the Original Story written by Christopher Awdry
Adaptation by SacredWolfie

Focusing once again on Percy being a Really Useful Engine, when he helps two foreign visitors to the Sodor Island, who get off the train at the wrong station, but eventually arrive at their destination, with a little help from Percy and his Guard!

Friday, 10 August 2012

Blog Pages Updated!

The Blog Updates and Completed Projects Gallery pages have been updated.

We are going to continue to update the other pages with new content, and get this blog up to scratch over the next few weeks, we apologize for the emptiness of the pages, but we will have that problem sorted real soon.

Completed Projects Gallery Updated!

The gallery has been updated with images of the completed HO scale models of Splatter and Dodge.

We will have more new photos of other complete projects posted, as soon as we can.

Bachmann G Scale - Thomas Christmas Delivery Set!

Bachmann's G Scale - Thomas Christmas Delivery Set.
Expected to hit all good model retail stores in November, and just in time for Christmas.







 Bachmann 90087 Thomas' Christmas Delivery **NEW ITEM WAITING RELEASE**

Wearing a familiar cap and armed with his trusty snowplow, Thomas hauls two festively decorated cars to bring BIG holiday cheer to one and all. The Thomas' Christmas Delivery ready-to-run electric trains set includes Thomas the Tank Engine (with hat, snowplow and moving eyes) open wagon with presents, coach, 5'4" x 4'3" oval of track (14 pieces), wall pack and speed controller, illustrated instruction manual, and DVD-format video instructions.   

Thursday, 9 August 2012

'Arry and Bert OO Projects - Wasp Stripes Applied!

The wasp stripes on the front of 'Arry and Bert's models, have been applied by hand, it has taken some steady time, but they are done, and just need touching up where necessary.

The wasp stripes are the hardest part of any model, even professionals can sometimes get it wrong or make simple mistakes when painting, but, with a steady hand, time and care, they often turn out how you would want them, and i am very pleased with how mine have turned out.

The lettering is the only thing left to apply to the bodies, besides working on the faces for them, and they will then be ready.

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

'Arry and Bert - Work in Progress (Batch 1)

Photos showing their progress.

Arry and Bert OO Projects - Slow Coming Together!

The 'Arry and Bert projects are slowly coming together, they have already been given coats of Citadel Foundations 'Liquid Green Stuff' and Humbrol Acrylic RC407 (Yellow).

I'm going for the Series 5/6 color looks, rather than the Series 8 to 16, since it stands out more, i am not sure what faces to use at current, but i am debating between the trackmaster 'Arry and Bert ones, or, bashing the CGI Diesel face to make it look more like the CGI 'Arry and Bert ones.

The lettering for 'SODOR IRONWORKS' i already have, which was left over from the Splatter and Dodge name transfers, so hopefully, my models of these devious diesels, will look like the TV pic above, once finished!

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Follow us on Twitter!

We are now on Twitter, where we will tweet all new updates regarding the latest news in our online community and recent happenings in the World of Thomas the Tank Engine Modelling.

From new releases of Bachmann & Hornby models, to members model reviews and much more, please feel free to follow us, and keep up-to-date. :)

Bachmann's Large scale Emily - Due October 2012

Bachmann's new Large Scale 'Emily' - Coming October 2012!

Bachmann's new Large Scale 'Emily' locomotive, will be hitting the shelves sometime in October 2012, with the Large scale S.C. Ruffey wagon and Brakevan to follow in November.

Also, we have an updated list of what's to come from Bachmann in late 2012.

HO Scale Duck loco
HO Scale 'Ice Cream' Van
Large Scale 'Emily' loco
Large Scale 'S.C. Ruffey' wagon
Large Scale 'Brakevan'
Large Scale 'Thomas Christmas Delivery' Set

We will update you with further info and images as they come. :)