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Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Hornby Thompson Class 01 - Samples Released!

New decorated samples of the LNER/BR Thompson Class 01 2-8-0 Freight Engine, have been revealed on Facebook courtesy of Hornby.

BR Version.

LNER Version.

These samples are lovely, it's only a matter of time now before they are released!

Original source of samples -

Check back soon for more new updates and news!

Calebtrain's Series joins the World of Thomas Modelling - Friends Links!

We are happy to say that Calebtrain and his new model railway series, have now become an official friend of the World of Thomas Modellers Community.

Be sure to check it out! :)

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Bachmann Ice Cream Van - Photo Revealed!

InsideTrack, one of the Administrators of the Bachmann forum, has kindly told us that the Bachmann HO Ice Cream van wagon photo, has been released. But the item itself, won't be released till possibly August, according to the info he has posted.

Questions have been raised about the Bachmann HO Duck photo, and when it can be expected, but i am sure that Bachmann will release a photo, as soon as the model sample has been finalized!

Image Source -

We will post more new updates as they come!

Thank you, InsideTrack. :)

Surprise Project revealed!

I had been keeping this a secret for a while, but i can happily say that after 2 years of planning, i am finally getting around to making Dennis in OO scale.

Main body is from a Trackmaster Dennis, that will be given parts from the Judith Edge kit along with the chassis that will be in full working order, with the jack-shaft attached!

More progress news will follow as both Den and Dennis continue..!

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Den progress so far!

Well so far the model is taking shape.

Originally, the image show here are how Den would have originally looked, the body was perfect, so all the needed doing would have been fitting the face and filling in any gaps here and there..

But sadly, i used far too much glue to hold some weight inside the shell, and the results shown below are what happened to the original form.

A lesson has been learn't now for future reference, and hopefully if i do make another Den, he won't end up like the above images.

But now he looks like this, and is almost ready to be given a primer undercoat.

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Den progress continues despite minor setback!

The recent project of Den was almost set back a couple weeks after the body of the model became crippled and sadly bubbled after a bit too much glue was added to hold in some weights.

This resulted in the body becoming rather unstable, but, thankfully the project is still on the go, with a new shell cover built to cover up the hideous bumps and bubbles, and i can happily say that it makes the Knightwing loco kit look even better, and more accurate with the new shape.
Following the Take -N- Play Den, i was able to make the casing exact, though there are minor gaps, these will be filled in with putty before painting.

The chassis is just needing to be wired up to the motor, so will soon be ready to accept the drive rods.

Sunday, 13 May 2012

World of Thomas Modelling - Non-Posters Member Account Sweep!


This is just to let you know that we shall be conducting a Non-Posters account sweep in the next few days, removing all the inactive user accounts that registered two months since their registration date!

Your account will not be effected if you have been posting actively since your registration date, but, all those who have not been active since registering to our community, will have their accounts removed.
We welcome you to re-register upon completing the sweep, but, we do advise that you only register if you are going to participate in the community, this is not a hang out of any sorts for non-posters and floaters.

Again, this doesn't effect those who have been active, but it does effect all those who haven't been active since the dates they registered to our board!



(Forum Admin)

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Paxton pics now in Gallery!

The Sodor OO Works is proud to announce that it now has photos of Paxton that are viewable to visitors up in our community blog gallery and via Facebook. :)

Paxton was made using a Bachmann Branchlines Class 08 (BR Green Version), painted with Humbrol No. 88 Green with Insignia Yellow lining and Satin Black for the top of the cab and vents.
The face is from a Trackmaster Paxton model.

Overall, this is a prime example of how to model Paxton properly, compared to most other models I've seen in the last few months, i went for the highly detailed version of the 08, since the TV series Paxton lacks that very detail, and in all honesty, just looks more like Diesel, hence why i didn't go for the lesser detailed Bachmann Devious Diesel.

Friday, 11 May 2012

The Sodor OO Works - Page Launched on Facebook!

The Sodor OO Works, now has a published page on Facebook!

So for all those who have taken interest in the works made by this workbench, you can now view all completed works on this page, though the page is still under construction, it is live nonetheless.

Be sure to give it a like and follow it. :)

OO Den Project is Go!

The parts required to make the Knightwing kit into an 0-4-0SR Diesel Shunter, have today arrived from Branchlines. The parts contain all the chassis, wheels, rods and other important items needed to make the fully functional working model, which will soon become Den from Day of the Diesels.

And i have no doubts, this will be the first model of it's kind, modeled properly and more accurate than others i have recently come across, so fingers crossed, Den will soon be rolling alongside Dart, Diesel, Diesel 10 and many other Sodor Diesels. :)

You can keep track of this project via this Blog, our Facebook and our Forum!

Monday, 7 May 2012

Elsbridge Layout Update Complete!

The project is now complete, all track has been updated to SMP finescale for smoother running and realistic look, as the owner of the layout, i am very proud of my work and hope you enjoy seeing the photos posted here.

If you wish to see more of my work, please feel free to sign up to the Forum.

Forum Link -

That's all on the layout, hope you enjoy viewing these photos. :)

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Den Project - Starting very soon!

Today saw the purchase of what appeared to be a fine looking Sentinel kit made by Knightwing at the local Toy Fair in Newton Abbot, Devon. This kit, is very very hard to come by nowadays as it is no longer in production, but funny enough, appears to have been mounted to a Bachmann Class 03 chassis.

The model itself is in fine condition, and is awaiting preparation for the Den project, which will soon start in the next week or two, all that needs to be done to the body is a respray and a chassis kit from Branch lines purchased to make the model into an 0-4-0.

I think this will be the only model of Den to be made from a kit at present, since fair few people have used the Take-N-Play models of Den to make him work by using a motor bogie of some sorts. Bit on the cheap side really, but that's just my opinion.

My model however, will have the detail the others lack, but the desired face is still to be decided, though i am sure either the wooden or take-n-play face, will be a perfect fit.

Skarloeyfan has made a model of a motorized take-n-play Den, and it looks great, . :)

Elsbridge Layout - Updates!

Some new progress photos are now viewable.

That's all for now, more will be posted very soon!

Thursday, 3 May 2012

OO 'Den' Project - Coming Soon!

The Sodor 'OO' Works has recently been looking at characters from Day of the Diesels to be modeled, and it has decided that Den, will be the next Diesel in line alongside Splatter and Dodge. 
Though sadly there is no kit for Den, except a Nickel Silver one by Judith Edge kits, we were very fortunate to come across an obsolete Knightwing Plastic kit that has been mounded to a Bachmann Class 03 chassis.

Den's Prototype

Den we hope, will be another great addition to our Sodor Diesel Fleet, which is currently growing rapidly, there is no need for us to model Dart, since the Hornby rendition is close enough, despite having coupled wheels, which the CGI model does not.

We will keep you informed about Den's development, as the project takes shape.

You can see more updates via our Facebook page:

Juniper Junction - a must see for all railway fans!

For those who have not yet seen the DVD, i would highly recommend this to any model railway fan.

Juniper Junction tells the story of what happened one day when everything seemed to go wrong for the station master of a country station, and how it turned out in the end. Featuring some lovely Gauge 1 trains, and beautiful settings, this truly is a must see for any railway fan.

Juniper Junction is available on DVD and can be purchased through Amazon

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Elsbridge Layout - Tunnel Almost Done!

The tunnel for the Elsbridge layout, is almost finished, the last detailing required is currently being added, and hopefully will see the layout, ready by this weekend.

Photos of the progress so far:

Check back for more updates very soon!

Hornby Railways 42xx and 72xx - New Samples Revealed!

Hornby have proudly announced and shown first samples of the new tooled GWR 42xx Class and 72xx Class Tank Engines, which are due for release later this year. They are stunning looking models and will be a must have, for the serious Great Western modeller.

The chosen livery for these models is not yet known, but i am sure that in time, Hornby will give us some idea as to what we can expect to see these wonderful models in, there will also be some British Railway versions of these models, carrying the Early and Late BR steam locomotive insignia/emblems.

72xx Class 2-8-2T

 42xx Class 2-8-0T

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Elsbridge Layout - revamp nearing completion!

The big revamp of the Elsbridge layout, is almost finished.

It has taken a long while to redo all of the track to SMP fine-scale from PECO Code 75 for a more realistic look and smoother running. The revamp has be done for several reasons, but hopefully, it has cured the derailment of older Hornby and Bachmann OO models.

The layout has also been refurbished for further Railway Stories from Sodor episodes and our upcoming new project, Oh Sir Topham Hatt - The Model Railway Series.