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Railway Stories from Sodor - The Model Series

Railway Stories from Sodor is a model railway series created in 2011 by SacredWolfie Media.

The series is a mixture of adapted story writings by The Rev .W. Awdry and Christopher Awdry. It focuses mainly on the happenings on Sodor between the 1980s and Present Day, it does feature a lot of new and original characters, but unlike the Television Series nowadays, these characters do get used more often than once in each episode produced.

The main cast of characters is the same as that seen in the TV show, with the exception that Emily is not one of the main steam team, that place is being saved for Duck when he is released by Bachmann later this year! Some of the stories in this series are adapted from the Annuals, which focus on the Series One and Two period.
The pilot episode of this model series is based on the story 'Edward & Gordon' which sees James making Edward feel rotten when he is late, but soon realizes his mistake when Edward later has to help him, when he too becomes late at the junction!

There are also morals to each story, which will be tackled at the end of each episode in small segments about bullying, friendships e.t.c. So as well as being a fun and creative series, it also gives out messages about being grown up and learning to deal with everyday life.

We hope that you will continue to enjoy the series, as it progresses further. At current there are only three episodes, due to the forth being delayed due to problem with Gordon, which will soon be fixed.

Railway Stories from Sodor
Episode List & Descriptions
Episode 1: He's Always Late!

James is cross with Edward when he arrives late and is very rude to him, but later when James has trouble with his trucks and becomes late himself, he soon finds out that being rude isn't the right attitude to have.. it can hurt.
Episode 2: Buffer Bashing

James is helping to fix a new section of line, with help from Donald and Douglas, but Donald soon has an accident and worries what that Fat Controller will say about the broken buffers.. Days later, when the buffers are mended, things soon go wrong for poor Douglas when he too has an accident, with the same buffers..

Based on the Story by Christopher Awdry
Adapted for video by SacredWolfie
Episode 3: Percy & The Brakevan

Adapted from the annual story 'Percy & The Brakevan', with the same cast once again giving a great performance, this story shows just how important Brakevan's are, even though Percy thought he didn't need one himself!
Episode 4: Gordon & The Trucks

Gordon isn't too pleased about shunting trucks, and this makes some of the other engines very cross, but soon, he learns that pulling trucks isn't such a bad thing, for a fine strong engine like him!
Episode 5: Percy's Passengers

Adapted from the annual story 'Percy's Passengers', with the same cast once again giving a great performance.

We see Percy once again being a Really Useful Engine, when he helps two foreign visitors to the Sodor Island, who get off at the wrong station!
Episode 6: Daisy's Dilemma

An original storyline, written by Charlie Bear

Percy's at the works, which leaves Thomas and Daisy to run the Branch Line, however, Daisy tells everyone she is the new passenger service, and Thomas is shunted off his Branch to arrange trucks in the yard.

Daisy soon get's her comeuppance when she starts to break down, and soon realizes just how wrong she was.
Episode 7: Old Groaner

The seventh episode in the popular YouTube series, once again focuses on James the Red Engine and his dilemma with feeling old.

James feels that because he is getting old, he isn't as useful as he used to be, which of course, annoys the other engines, and they decide he should tell the Fat Controller that he is past it. This however makes James sad, so he decides not to say anything.

However, things are no better when Splatter and Dodge start teasing him too, and things get even worse when James develops a strange groaning sound..