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Who are the World of Thomas Modelling?

Many people have asked who we are and what we are all about, and we are happy to say that we can tell you exactly who we are and what we are all about as a community.

Who are the World of Thomas Modelling?

The World of Thomas The Tank Engine Modelling, is the name of our model railway community, that takes great pride in modelling Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends in many scales ranging from the most popular OO/HO brand to the new G scale and even model characters in 009 gauge, a scale which is most popular with modellers wanting to make replica characters that reside on the Skarloey Railway and have featured in many of the Rev .W. Awdry's books.

Our community is 100% non-profit and doesn't take any sorts of commissions for the works produced by it's members or followers.

What is the purpose of the Community?

The purpose of the community is to discuss model railways, mainly about Thomas & Friends, we don't consider our group to be a 'fan forum'. The main focus of the community is to share skills with other fellow modellers and help others to improve their own!

We always are willing to help others to make their models look as good as they can be, and our friendly members are always looking to give advice and other helpful information regarding the paints, weathering and building of models to represent the fictional characters as seen in the TV and Book series e.t.c.

Do you affiliate with other Thomas Websites/Forums?

We used to, but, we don't affiliate with any sorts of 'Thomas Fan Forums' or 'Fansites' anymore, we only now affiliate with websites who we think deserve to be given attention, those can be found in our Website Links & Affiliates Page as well as our Official Friends Links!

How do i become an 'Official Friend' of the Community?

Simple, all you need to do is add our banner to your web page or blog or online store, and we will add your site to our Links page, if you have a page that you post to, like Facebook or YouTube for example, all you need to do is forward the url of the site to us and we shall add it to our link directory.

But we ask that all links are checked before sending them, any broken links will be removed.

Where is the Community Forum?

The community forum is located here -

The url of the forum is subject to be changed in time, once we sort out our Google account to enable the paid features. The forum is easy enough to use, there is no screening, once you register and activate your account, it will be approved by a member of staff, but, we advise that you DON'T make multiple accounts, if you forget your password anytime, use the 'Forgot Password' link to change it.