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Friday, 8 May 2015

Bachmann James - Makeover!

Hi everyone.

Recently I've been tied up with a lot of different personal life stuff, but, finally got back into doing a bit of modelling.  Recently decided to give James a little bit of work, by making his cab open and detailed.

James' inner cab was basically a chunk of moulded plastic which I carefully cut out with a sharp craft knife. Inside the cab is the curcuitboard chip, which was unscrewed and placed further inside the body, making sure not to damage any of the wiring attatched to the motor.
The cab roof gently comes away, which made it easier to paint and add the inner cab detail, which i got from a spare Hornby Thomas body.

The holes pictured here, were filled in with blu tac and then painted over with humbrol acrylic matt black. This was given two layers of matt black and left to dry one after the other, until the inner cab looked like this.

Once the paint had dried, I then looked at picking out the copper pipe detail, which considering the limited space inside the James model, was a little tricky to pick out, but, using a thin tip brush, managed to apply the sopper paint to make the inside of the cab look more realistic.

Quite happy with how the effect looks now, just a shame that the Bachmann model has an enclosed cab, whereas Bachmann's Edward loco, has an open cab, but no detail, but being a fairly new model in the range, it makes doing the conversion yourself, more enjoyable, and with careful time and patience, the results will often be what you expect it to be if you keep an open mind. :)