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Sunday, 15 July 2012

World of Thomas Modelling - Updates (July)

The blog is going through some more changes at present, all the pages that are blank and have not been attended to since the start, are finally being updated and logged with new material.

These hopefully will include:

- Reviews for both Bachmann & Hornby Thomas stuff.
- Members media works.
- Updates on the latest developing news from Bachmann.
- Layout projects and other works.

These updates will be taking effect over the new few weeks, so hopefully by mid-august, we should have most of the pages updated, and we will be looking to add further links to our pages, we already have lately had a wonderful recommendation from The Diesel Works, who we are proud to have as a friend of the community and have linked to our blog.

We hope that in time, they will get many happy customers, and wish them all the best from the World of Thomas Modelling. :)

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