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Monday, 3 September 2012

September Updates & Message from Admin!

Greetings to all from the World of Thomas Modelling.

We apologize so much for the lack of updates and inactivity spell as of late. We like to take time out from modelling and live our lives by going out and socializing with friends and family that we know and keep close to us.

Septembers Updates are a follows:

- Elsbridge Branch layout updated!
- OO 'Den' Project back online.
- Railway Stories from Sodor Short Finished!


Now a message from our admin.

"It has come to my attention recently that a fair few sick 'people' on YouTube have been spatting our name in the form of videos with 'test' in their titles and some rather unpleasant descriptions about some our of members videos not being 'true tests' because our videos show models actually hauling wagons, instead of running on a crappy Hornby 'rolling road'.

A test is showing the model in action and seeing how much it can pull before wheel-slipping.. not just standing static on a lump of metal with rollers and calling it test, because that is not a test, all that shows is the models wheels moving, no test whatsoever!

However.. i cannot speak for the majority of those on other forums who continue to spat our communities name by making poor videos and calling them a 'test' and posting them on YouTube, by also adding some rather distasteful slander in their comments and trying to convince our members aswell as others that our community is not worth bothering with.

Let me assure you, that the lesser individuals of these other so called 'thomas model / fan forums', are NOT welcome to our boards, and never will be. We are a clean and respectable community, and people the likes of those, who i won't name for the obvious reasons, are not worth bothering with.

We have close friends who know that we are true to our name, even affiliated with online stores that give us the true dates of when new items are released and know what our community is all about, but, sometimes, it takes a little more than brains to work out little things like that.

So please, to all those who don't know us, stop trying to make yourselves look clever by showing us up, it really doesn't make you look good, and your karma level is far below disgraceful. Even for your standards.."

I apologize to all those on our model community regarding this matter, it's just very sad that they continue to act like immature children instead of mature adults, who i would have thought by now, would have the sense to act their ages and be a bit more true to their names.

We hope this won't effect your continued support and likes of our community, and again, we apologize for these people giving off the wrong impressions about a community they are not even part of.

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