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Thursday, 1 March 2012

Diesel 10 - Making the Claw/Grabber!

The next step in the project will be to make the claw that is mounted on top of his roof, this is going to be the tricky part of this project, since it is a fairly unusual thing to have on a Diesel locomotive. With help from a friend and fellow Thomas modeller, i will hopefully have some plans which will be useful to make the claw as accurate as possible.

This screen shot shows the detail of the claw, you can just make out the brackets on the roof that the claw sits on when it's not in use, but again, it is something unusual to find on a real 'Warship'. I might even fill in the gaps on the front and rear of the chassis, where the LIMA coupling hooks would be, and make the open spaces below the buffer beams, fully closed like show here.

I'm away this weekend out of town, so the project will continue either late Sunday or the Monday, when i will have more new work in progress images ready for show. :)

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