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Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Next up for work - Belle!

The next new model project, will be Belle the Tank Engine.

She is based on a British Railways Standard Class 4 Tank Engine, wheel arrangement 2-6-4 and designed by Robert A. Riddles, She is not like most Tank Engines, for the simple reason that she is used to put out fires using her big water cannons.
She also has a brass bell, and electric headlamps on her buffer beam and one above her face. Her running number is 6120.

Though she is one of Sodor's biggest tank engines, besides Arthur, who is based on a Standard Class 3MT, in real life circumstances, they would not allow water cannons to be fitted to these engines for any sorts of firefighting purposes, as steaming would be made very difficult, since Tank Engines of her size, use a lot of water.
This fact was made clear in Day of the Diesels, when she uses her water cannons to put out a barn fire, when she goes to puff away to be cleaned, her water has been all used up!

Belle - Coming Soon from The Sodor 'OO' Works!

For more information, check back soon or check the forum

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