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Sunday, 6 May 2012

Den Project - Starting very soon!

Today saw the purchase of what appeared to be a fine looking Sentinel kit made by Knightwing at the local Toy Fair in Newton Abbot, Devon. This kit, is very very hard to come by nowadays as it is no longer in production, but funny enough, appears to have been mounted to a Bachmann Class 03 chassis.

The model itself is in fine condition, and is awaiting preparation for the Den project, which will soon start in the next week or two, all that needs to be done to the body is a respray and a chassis kit from Branch lines purchased to make the model into an 0-4-0.

I think this will be the only model of Den to be made from a kit at present, since fair few people have used the Take-N-Play models of Den to make him work by using a motor bogie of some sorts. Bit on the cheap side really, but that's just my opinion.

My model however, will have the detail the others lack, but the desired face is still to be decided, though i am sure either the wooden or take-n-play face, will be a perfect fit.

Skarloeyfan has made a model of a motorized take-n-play Den, and it looks great, . :)

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