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Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Bachmann Ice Cream Van - Photo Revealed!

InsideTrack, one of the Administrators of the Bachmann forum, has kindly told us that the Bachmann HO Ice Cream van wagon photo, has been released. But the item itself, won't be released till possibly August, according to the info he has posted.

Questions have been raised about the Bachmann HO Duck photo, and when it can be expected, but i am sure that Bachmann will release a photo, as soon as the model sample has been finalized!

Image Source -

We will post more new updates as they come!

Thank you, InsideTrack. :)


  1. Looks interesting. I think I prefer the Hornby one though, to be honest, as that one gets the colouring spot on whereas this one doesn't.

  2. This is good; My hopes are raised for Duck's release being this year!

    1. Same here my friend, i am sure that Bachmann won't disappoint us! :)

  3. It's not bad, but Hornby's better in my opinion. As for Duck, I hope his model looks great.


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