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Thursday, 9 August 2012

'Arry and Bert OO Projects - Wasp Stripes Applied!

The wasp stripes on the front of 'Arry and Bert's models, have been applied by hand, it has taken some steady time, but they are done, and just need touching up where necessary.

The wasp stripes are the hardest part of any model, even professionals can sometimes get it wrong or make simple mistakes when painting, but, with a steady hand, time and care, they often turn out how you would want them, and i am very pleased with how mine have turned out.

The lettering is the only thing left to apply to the bodies, besides working on the faces for them, and they will then be ready.


  1. Bachmann are missing a trick by doing 'Arry and Bert, but you're showing them how it's done :)

    1. Thanks very much, hopefully i will have at least one of the faces done before the end of the month. :)


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