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Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Arry and Bert OO Projects - Slow Coming Together!

The 'Arry and Bert projects are slowly coming together, they have already been given coats of Citadel Foundations 'Liquid Green Stuff' and Humbrol Acrylic RC407 (Yellow).

I'm going for the Series 5/6 color looks, rather than the Series 8 to 16, since it stands out more, i am not sure what faces to use at current, but i am debating between the trackmaster 'Arry and Bert ones, or, bashing the CGI Diesel face to make it look more like the CGI 'Arry and Bert ones.

The lettering for 'SODOR IRONWORKS' i already have, which was left over from the Splatter and Dodge name transfers, so hopefully, my models of these devious diesels, will look like the TV pic above, once finished!

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