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Monday, 4 June 2012

Railway Stories from Sodor - Episode 4 Continues!

Greetings one and all.

First i must apologize for the lack of updates to the blog, things have been rather busy lately with my personal life, but i am happy to say that Gordon has now been fixed, and filming of Episode 4 'Gordon & The Trucks' can now resume work.

So, although i have had some rather nasty remarks made regarding episode 4 being delayed, and the fact that i have made some slight changes as a whole, for better running and improvement of detail, i will say this.

If one cannot simply understand that changes are made for a reason, whether it's simply because one wants to advance his skills and abilities to satisfy himself, a not others, that is no reason to start slagging others off. If people won't accept these changes hat have been made, en i am afraid these so called 'people' are not worth the time.

 I say this because of some recent messages made by Tuckinator15 on YouTube and Skype, regarding my decisions to change my layouts look and appearance, an frankly, i am disgusted with the way he has worded things.

So i urge people with layouts, that if you want to make changes, make them for yourself and for your own pleasure, not for the ones who like Tuckinator, think it's funny to slander people for doing what we think is right for us!


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