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Thursday, 28 June 2012

Splatter & Dodge - Primer coats applied! (batch 2)

The bodies have been given a coat of spray primer, which has been left to settle over night.

There are some molded rods around the lamps, which need to be removed, which i have done with a file and craft knife, after 20 mins filing, the front of the bodies are now smoothed out.

The next step will be to dull down the chassis for each engine, i think Humbrol's 'Acrylic' Matt Black will do nicely for this job. As the next phase of the project will be to color the rods and weather them.

Before Primer was applied, i had to remove the steps from the body sides and fill in the gaps where the original Diesel face had been, this was done using very thin plastikard sheet, cut into the shape of Diesels face, then glued over the hole.

After Primer coat has been applied, this is how they looked before any further work was carried out.

Filing down here and there, the rods needed to moved as the models used in the film, didn't have any rods connected to the lamps!

Current looks with their faces, this is currently how they look now, before any further work is carried out on them.


  1. The Splodge pair look nice! I like that you're paying attention to the detail- the lamp-rods or lack of-, makes the models all the more better.
    I look forward to seeing more updates on these two.

    By the way, will you be using this method to create Arry and Bert(provided you haven't already?)

    1. I shall indeed be using this method for 'Arry and Bert MkII's :)

      The Diesel body-shell is perfect for them, and they will hopefully look like their TV series models, provided Bachmann isn't already doing them, but we shall have to wait and see!

  2. They should look great when they're finished!

    1. Thanks mate, be sure to check back soon when more photos will be posted. :)

  3. Splatter and Dodge look great Daniel! Good luck with getting the job done!

  4. Will you use the same method to make Sidney (that is, if you do choose to make him)?

    1. Hopefully yes. :)

      My aim is to make all the current Diesels who have featured in the Thomas series, and hopefully model them accurately.


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