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Monday, 25 June 2012

Splatter & Dodge - OO Projects!

The long awaited OO/HO projects of Splatter and Dodge begin tomorrow, both characters are being made using the Bachmann 'Thomas' Devious Diesel locomotives and will use the Hornby 'Arry and Bert faces (which are actually Splatter and Dodge's faces anyway).
Bachmann's Diesel is a perfect donor for them, simple and easy to render, they will both be made to look just like the Magic Railroad movie models.

They are both good looking models, and sadly, there are no 'ready to run' models of these pair of forgotten engines, they were turned into 'Arry and Bert after featuring in the Magic Railroad film in 2000 when the Thomas the Tank Engine TV Series returned for a Sixth Series in 2002.

Whilst they aren't classified as the most intelligent of characters, they are a comical pair, and it's a real shame that they have gone unnoticed for so long since the movie.

The paints for them have been retained from a local retailer, so it's just the wait for them to arrive now, which should hopefully be by tomorrow or Wednesday for certain! :)

1 comment:

  1. It's actually been said that Splatter and Dodge never returned from production of TATMR.
    If the pair are up for voicing, I'd like to audition for them! (Well, audition for Splatter. My brother would audition for Dodge.)


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