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Sunday, 3 March 2013

Boco MK II in the works

The Sodor OO Works is currently working on a revamped model of classic series character 'Boco' using a Hornby Dublo Co-Bo model that was bought recently for a nice and affordable sum. The paint, transfers and Trackmaster model have all bee bought, so it's now just a case of getting the body stripped down and ready for work to begin.

Although a model of Boco had already been made using a Silver Fox models bodykit, i feel that it lacks the weight needed to give good performance, and though the chassis had recently been updated, it still lacks the pulling power, however, the die-cast body of the Hornby Dublo version, gives better performance and better pulling power.

The model would normally be found for the sum of £145 to £200 at collectors fairs and swap meets, but i was fortunate to get my hands on a nice runner from Modelfair for £68 that i am more than happy with, and will enjoy rendering it from a beat up model into something worthy of running on the Elsbridge set. :)

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