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Friday, 8 March 2013

Workshop Progress - Boco's Undercoat!

Last time, we started Boco's journey by removing the unwanted detailing that wasn't needed where the face would be placed once finished. Using a hobby file, the front end of the Co-Bo model was carefully filed down and smoothed out, before lightly being dusted off ready for receiving it's primer undercoat.

Before using a primer base coat, always ensure the model is free from dust, oil e.t.c. and when using a spray primer (for the best results) spray at least 25 to 30 cm away from the model so that the paint doesn't run, as this will leave a horrid blotchy look and thick paint marks. I used Tamiya's Super Primer undercoat spray paint to do this, and the result was very effective. Once the model has been completely primed, you must leave to to dry for at least 24 hours before working further with your chosen top coat.

So far, so good. Now the model is ready to be given the top coat, i will be using 'Park Green' as it's the closest to Boco's color scheme, this stage will require some areas being masked off with masking tape or maskol.

We don't want to get any paint on the areas that will be dealt with later on, as it will show up on the model and make it look tatty in places, so it's best to always mask off areas that you will cover later on in the painting stage.

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