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Friday, 8 March 2013

HO Scale Duck - halted till further notice!

It has been heard that Bachmann's Duck model in HO scale, will NOT be shipping out on the 31/03/13 as expected, it has been said by an administrator on the Bachmann Forums, that until a new date is realized, there will be a further delay until they have an exact shipping date.

So all those who have pre-ordered the model in the UK, will have to once again wait now, until more news is given on when the model will actually be officially released!

1 comment:

  1. The more the model is delayed the more I suspect an August release (like Donald & DOuglas in 2011)
    I'm actually suspecting full 2011 repeat; as 2011 saw the release of the Scots in August and Diesel in October, so I'm suspect 2013 will see the release of Duck in August and the Iron Twins in October.
    Though it will be FAR more convenient for filming my series if Duck is released by the end of May; every set I plan to use for Episode 20 will already be being used for Episode 19.


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