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Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Harvey the Crane Engine - Complete!

The project is now at and end, with the model fully finished and detailed.

I am very pleased with the results, the color looks lovely and the accuracy makes me proud to have modeled this loveable character. My special thanks goes out to Skarloeyfan, who provided me with the details on how to make the crane arm with a working manual winch.
Though it is NOT a motorized winch or crane arm, it is still a splendid work overall, and along with Skarloeyfan's model, it's just one of the two most accurate 4mm models to be made from scratch by fans dedicated to modelling Thomas the Tank Engine characters.

Sadly, the model(s) are NOT for sale, so any posts left will be disregarded, we always have made our models for non-profit and non-commercial purposes, all models are modeled for the enjoyment and fun of the hobby.

Visitors will find photos of the completed model, in the Completed Projects page.

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