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Monday, 13 February 2012

Harvey the Crane Engine - Work In Progress!

Harvey's work has slowly began, the 'Pug' locomotive, has been stripped off it's cab, boiler and buffers, so all we have left is the running plate with the fitted chassis. The new running plate has been made up using two pieces of styrene sheet, which have been glued firmly in place onto the old running plate.
The boiler, has been taken from a wooden Harvey model and had a Hornby 0-4-0 loco funnel glued in place where there was a small non-existent funnel on the wooden Harvey.

The main body, has been built using styrene plastikard, a very useful material, and used for most scratch-building projects, these were cut and shaped into tanks for Harvey's main sides, and let me tell you, trying to shape styrene is not as easy as it looks, it took some effort and patience to get it looking right.

(Image sourced from Wikipedia)

Notice in the above image how the tanks are rounded at the ends, trying to do this the same way almost proved difficult, but, the wait soon paid off, and my tanks turned out just like them.
Once these were done, i was then able to cover and fill in any gaps in the model, before working on the next phase of the project, which is the crane mounting block.

(Batch No.1)





More photos will be posted as the project progresses!

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