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Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Possible 'Billy' Mk III Project?

I've been thinking about it over the last couple months, and looking back over the models of the original Billy and Billy Mk II i made back in 2010, they are nice models, one modelled off a Hornby 'J52' 0-6-0 and the other a scratch-build on a Bachmann 'J72' 0-6-0 tank chassis.
Both models came out nicely, but overall, they are too large alongside the Bachmann Thomas characters, so, i have thought about building a Mk III model, the right size and much better.

The donor chassis will still come from the Bachmann 'J72' but i might re-wheel it with Bachmann Percy drive wheels, since they are near enough the same as Billy's.

(Billy as seen in Thomas & Friends Series 11)

Billy's design is based on the Manning Wardle 'L' Class 0-6-0.

If his model is rebuilt, it will be done once again with styrene sheets and bits from kitbashed models. I have not yet decided on a date for his building, but it will be done sometime this year, so I'll be sure to keep you all posted!


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