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Sunday, 26 February 2012

Jolly the American Engine - Completed

My secret model project, that I've been working on for the past month alongside Harvey, is now finished, though last night there was a bit of drama over on the Bachmann boards, over the 'toy like' appearance of the model that i had rendered into a fantasy Thomas the Tank Engine character. In which one user sadly tried to make himself look big by telling me that it wasn't a model at all.

The way it was described was on the bachmann boards, by the user, who deleted himself shortly afterwards knowing he was loosing a battle he couldn't win, was described by him as:

'It's just a toy with a models tender and coupling. Hardly a modification at that'.

But, ones opinion of said model, was soon disregarded by other followers, who knew exactly what it was and what had been done to the so called 'toy' that i had modified, to have valve gear and a tender, where there wasn't any, and so, the thread was also deleted, by the selfish poster, and thus a new thread was created in it's place, which is a shame really, but meh, life goes on eh? :)

Anyways, all that aside, please feel free to check out the Completed Projects gallery, for new photos and videos of Jolly the American Engine. :)

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