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Sunday, 26 February 2012

The next project - Diesel 10

It's been decided, that the next character to be modeled in the OO department, will be the haughty villain of villains, Diesel 10, from the Thomas & the Magic Railroad, Calling All Engines & Day of the Diesels films.
He's been the missing link in the Hornby range, but, judging what the cost of new tooling and body would come to, it would probably be one of the most expensive characters to be made, and since there isn't a warship class in the range at current, the model i will be using to make this Diesel, is from the Obsolete 'LIMA' range.

I'm still playing on ideas with the faces, whether to make it interchangeable so that i can have one CGI and Magic Railroad face at different times when filming different episodes, which would probably benefit the model, since the Magic Railroad face Diesel 10 is pretty hard to come by nowadays, and with the recent release of the CGI face Diesel 10 in the Trackmaster range, all signs are pointing towards getting both.

I will keep you informed of the models progress via the Facebook and YouTube pages, hopefully the project will start in the next week or so, depending how fast the model comes in the post. :)

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